Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Points Plus

Weight Watchers
Points Plus

Eric; boyfriend. Eater of dinner, counter of points, user of Weight Watchers Free Trial.

Weapon(s) of Choice:
Turn Up The Flavor - Weight Watchers Cookbook
Neon, Multicolored, note cards

My dog chewing his food, cat meowing because I won't let him on my lap. Sound of rain.

So one of my goals is to plan dinners in advance.
This has been a project in the works for 4+ months.

I am not a member of Weight Watchers. My boyfriend got a free 1 month trial through work and a free cookbook. I love the cookbook. A lot of the recipes have 10 ingredients or less and it tells you serving size, number of points the food or meal is worth and how many calories are in each serving.

I am going page by page (eliminating any of the red-meat recipes as I don't eat that stuff) and am writing transferring recipes that we'd like to try on to fun, bright colored note cards to use for our weekly recipe board (that will hopefully be in place next week).

I haven't tried any of them yet, but I am looking forward to it!

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