Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Workout 5/20/15

Today's Workout Adventure:
By: Me
Bad day at work. Ready to go run off some frustration.

Battle Plan:
Routine #3 1x + walk home

Park by my house. Gloomy, chilly even. Some sightings of breath for brief period of time.

Mix. A little bit country, a little bit rock & roll. And a lot of singing out loud to Backstreet Boys - yes, people could hear us.

Companion Adventurer:
Alechia; sister. Ringtone changer, neon zig zag shirt wearer.

Weapon(s) of Choice:
Sketchers - memory foam
S Health - GPS/Calorie Tracker App
Seconds Pro - interval timer w/ voice countdown

The Routine:
Walk: 3 minutes
Jog: 2 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint: 15 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint: 15 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint: 10 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint:10 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Jog: 3 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Jog: 2 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Then we walked an extra 14

39:03 which is almost a whole 2 minutes shorter than 5/18/15

Calories Burned:

2.23 miles

On today's adventure ... we almost got hit by a car!! Car stopped at stop sign, man in car has plenty of time to see us (and note sister's neon zig zag shirt which was highly visible!), man waited until we reached the FAR side of his vehicle to pull away from stop sign. If I hadn't sped up to catch up with my sister I would be hurting right now! Not sure if we're angry at the man or if we feel sorry for him - he must have had a heart attack when he FINALLY saw us!!

Feeling much more comfortable with the 3 minute run. Still kicks my ass ... but I don't want to lay down and die afterward. Which is good. Cause that's not cute.

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