Monday, May 18, 2015

Workout 5/18/16

Today's Workout Adventure:
By: Me
Tired from a day of blogging on my book blog. Dishes need washed. Front porch flowers are looking beautiful.

Battle Plan:
Routine #3 1x + walk home

Park by my house. The weather is nice and cool, cloudy. PERFECT!

Backstreet Boys & Nsync (oh the memories of being teenagers!)

Companion Adventurer:
Alechia; sister. Thrift store shopper, goody gatherer.

Weapon(s) of Choice:
Sketchers - memory foam
S Health - GPS/Calorie Tracker App
Seconds Pro - interval timer w/ voice countdown

The Routine:
Walk: 3 minutes
Jog: 2 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint: 15 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint: 15 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint: 10 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Sprint:10 seconds
Walk: 2 minutes
Jog: 3 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Jog: 2 minutes
Walk: 2 minutes
Then we walked an extra 16 minutes

Routine: 24:50 + 16 min walk = 40:50

Calories Burned:

2.41 miles

The first two minute jog today was difficult. I stopped a smidge early to check my timer because I thought we had run longer than two minutes ... only to have it count down to the next walk as soon as I took my phone out of my arm band.

The three minute jog always makes us feel pretty awesome. I cheated and walked up the small hill that we ran into at the park. Hill: 1, Misty: 0. Then had to sprint to catch up with my sister who had jogged up the hill which, in my mind, evens out the points. Hill: 1, Misty 1. TIE!

Headed off to make dinner. Healthy!

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